Welcome to our online history of S. Twin Lake, Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Purpose of this web site: The unexpected acquisition of my Aunt Lilly’s cottage in 2008 led to this non-literary attempt at the preservation of lake history. One will quickly realize that most of the properties around the lake have been in the same families for many years. This is simply an effort to compile and preserve the history and collective memories of those families for future generations. This document will be a continuous work in progress, as families contribute photos and information, past and current.


1956 Marie and Gordon Stevenson

Since 1902, 160 Acres in the S. Twin Lake area had been held by Ernest & Alice Searl of Tomahawk, WI. In 1924, Alice sold, actually traded, the 40 Acres around S. Twin Lake to (Al) Anderson & (Julius) Mitbauer Monument Company, in exchange for a $400 headstone for the Searls. Al and Julius then decided to split the property. They flipped a quarter, with Al & Lillian Anderson winning the North 200 feet, being the high ground covered with pines and and Julius Mitbauer received the southern portion of 460 feet. Two cottages were built by Mitbauer and Anderson in 1924.  The rest of the story is contained in these pages.1991-Taylor-Gordon

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